Children piano education

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From children who love the piano to adults who want to enjoy the piano,
Music enriches life.

We will help you enrich your life through music.
Please enjoy the lesson with your children while relaxing in a wonderful room.
From 2.5 years old to adults, piano classes, chanson class students are recruiting fun with everyone
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Children piano education


Age important for children to learn
One, two, three...
The child's brain is soft when the "tsu" is attached, and it absorbs anything.
Personality and personality are also established at this time of year.
Therefore, let's think first that the child in the infancy is raised in a good environment.
At Suzuki Mesodo, we value listening to a lot of artistically wonderful music from birth.
As you listen to good music over and over again, you naturally grow up with a musical sense for any child.

What kind of education method is the native language education method?
Babies will be able to speak the words they hear repeatedly every day before they know them.
No one thinks that's special.

By talking carefully and carefully to your father and mother, you will be able to speak words and learn a lot of words.
It is a privileged environment that is sufficiently stimulated for the baby.

mother tongue(first language)is the first language that infants learn, and it is also called the first language.

Until now, the expression "native language" was common, but recent research has led to suzuki mesodo's belief that language is not necessarily associated with the state, so suzuki mesodo has come to write all native languages as native languages.

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