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2020November 20, 2010 : 191st Bon Mu Live Thank You❣
Thank you very much for your warm live!❣

Everyone who came even at such a time
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.💕

The song that you sang in a whisper with everyone (laughs)
I was also very energetic.🎶

Thank you very much❣

I think the cold is getting tougher from now on.

Please take good care of yourself.

I'm looking forward to seeing you again next month.❣

Next December 17th
2020The Reiwa Bombu Live in the last two years of the year

May the world be at peace soon.
I will play it with prayer.❣
2020年11月19日 : The 191st Bon Mu Live
Starts at 7:30 p.m. today💕

The 191st Bon Mu Live
Charge 2000 yen

Children's Song Chanson Enka
Movie Music Classics
Songs of all genres
I'm playing.🎶🎹

Corona measures will be held firmly

Singing like everyone's whispering (laugh) Lyrics card
I'm ready for you.

Please go out by all means people who are in good health.❣

Cast Ms. Mako Tsujishiro Kotoe❣
2020年11月16日 : Tsushima Mano's Concert
In the "mana" that is done on a regular basis
The concert ended safely.

It is good in the season, and the customer is also in the house.
I couldn't bear to stay still.
Look at it.
A lot of people gathered.

My Poem Piano and Yaeko Oshima's
Film music in chanson
Delivered to you

Because it was only a movie that everyone knows well
It seems to be very relaxed and enjoy it.

"Manaya" also became a venue
In a very nice place
The atmosphere is wonderful and the food is great.‼

Thank you very much, everyone.❣

The next time is next spring.

There was no man this time.

Women are light-moving and quick everywhere.
It's a gathering, isn't it?

Do men still have a little bit of a mind?
Is it?

Please feel free to ask men next time.
Please get together.

We are looking forward to seeing you.❣

Thank you very much❤
2020November 15, 2010 : A-bombed Piano Concert
The A-bombed Piano Concert, which had been extended for a long time, was finally held.

This time with chanson singer Nobuko Endo
I've been with you.

The piano was transported by truck from Hiroshima.
In addition, it carries it to the hall.
When the concert is over again, I'll take it out.
Mr. Yagawa, who has been doing this hard work for a long time, is down.

Mr. Yagawa's passionate thoughts have put this activity on for a long time.
It has been continued.

"The horrors of war to as many people as possible
I want you to know, don't forget
I don't know how grateful 、、、."

An opportunity to take another look at war and peace

Mr. Yakawa is running around the country and doing peace activities.
Mr. Bonmuu who provided the venue
Mr. Tsuda who always plans
Thank you very much for your participation.
Thank you very much for your help.
202011-14. : The 191st Bon Mu Live
Are you all different?

11It is an announcement of Bon Mu Live of the moon.🎶

I made a simple flyer with a personal computer.💕

But I just did what I was told.🥵

There are two more Bon Mu Lives this year.🎹

Please go out by all means.

We are looking forward to seeing you.❤

Poem Pianist Ms. Ms. Tsujishiro


Also, concert in the Northeast's own hometown of earthquake reconstruction and support activities by piano to life. In a new theme "Beyond the Door", an attractive stage attracted to size her up and humanity willing cooperation of many musicians.

What is the poem piano?



Poetry and, of course, of poetry.

Poetry yobiokoshi the joy of life and excitement to read people's minds, heals the heart of beautiful verses sound. Original ground manipulate the mind of such poems in the keys of a piano.

It's a new genre "geumseong words this poem piano.

Memories screen music, Latin music, little rhythm, light, beautiful makeover. Enjoy the brilliant, passion, peace, sorrow and nostalgia, emotion, poetry... a stylish atmosphere poem piano.

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